Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Outside Fire LEads To Inside Repirs

In this particular situation, the homeowner has cleaned their fire place out from the ashes left over from a nice fire from the previous night. The debris did n... READ MORE

Containing The Odor

When a fire takes place, there are many things that come into play. The first thing is the damage to the property. The structure can be both burned from the fir... READ MORE

Work Shop Fire

Fires can come from many different sources. Wood, paper plastic or electrical, all can create devastating affects. A Rockaway, NJ resident contacted SERVPRO of ... READ MORE

Serious Fire in Randolph, NJ

This serious fire actually started on the outside of the house and spread into the Family Room and Living Room. In the Before picture, you can see the extent of... READ MORE

It Pays To Trim The Fat

So one day, a future customer decided to cook a nice, thick, juicy steak on his back yard grill. Unfortunately, he "did not trim the fat" and the meat went up i... READ MORE


When a fire occurs, the results can be devastating. Whether it is only smoke affecting a room or the ceilings, walls and floors have been charred and burned, th... READ MORE